Day or Night, Wichita Kansas is the jewel of the prairie! Be sure to see downtown Wichita, the sunflowers on the prairie and The Keeper of the Plains statue on the Arkansas Riverwalk.
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October 24th
Quarterly Meeting
Gloria Dei Lutheran Church (1101 N. River Blvd., Wichita, KS 67203)

November 5th
Board Meeting
Watermark Books (4701 E Douglas Ave, Wichita, KS 67218)

December 3rd
Christmas Partyg
Cowtown (See Newsletter)

February 12-23, 2021
Journey to Columbia, South America

July 18-24, 2021
Journey to Western Montana

Club Pledge of the Friendship Force of Kansas, Inc.

As a member of the Friendship Force,
I recognize that I can make a difference,
I recognize that I have a mission,
That mission is to be a friend to the people of the world.

As I embark upon this adventure
I know that others will be watching me.
I know that through my example to my fellow citizens,
And the people of other nations,
That the cause of friendship, love and peace can be furthered.

I can make a difference!!


A world of friends, is a world of peace.